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PLAN # GDM3: 4377 Sq. Ft,
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PLAN # BLSL: 4296 Sq. Ft.
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These two home plans share several design elements.

The home on the right is a result of a client who fell in love with the floor plans and interior of the home on the left. However, the client’s building lot was not as deep and was wider than the lot the left home was designed for.

Other design requests from the client included that the library could be accessible from the master bedroom with a “mini-kitchen” between the master & library including an under counter refrigerator and sink.  The client also requested that the master suite and library could be closed off from the rest of the home for privacy. In addition they also wanted an exercise room to be added to the master suite and a second bedroom & bath  on the first floor.

Another request was to shrink the size (living area Sq. Ft.) of the new home design which was done despite adding an exercise area to the master suite. The original plan is
4377 Sq. Ft. and the final design of the new plan has 4296 Sq. Ft. including a new bedroom and bath added to the  first floor.

The client also wanted a different exterior design style similar to the photo they supplied. (Below)

Please compare these two homes to see how one home design can lead to another.